R.E.D. Laboratories on TV Canal Z - Watch this Weekend!

This weekend, R.E.D. Laboratories - a leading Belgian company at the forefront of diagnosing  complex chronic diseases - will be featured on TV Canal Z's "Un regard dans le business" segment. Tune in on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to get an exclusive inside look at our world-class labs and innovative research. Starts Saturday Feb 3rd at 12:10 et then in the loop during the whole weekend!

From immune disorders and gut abnormalities, to Lyme disease and conditions like autism and CFS - we're teaming up with global experts to provide the most advanced and relevant diagnostics. You'll also get a taste of our unique approach to patient care, with personalized test panels that allow clinicians to diagnose and treat patients with complex clinical presentations.

Stay tuned to TV Canal Z this weekend, and join us in our relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare. See you there!

For any inquiries about our services, please get in touch with us:


  • Z.1 Researchpark 100, B-1731 Zellik
  • Phone: +32(0)2 481 53 10
  • Email: info@redlabs.be

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